Cholesterol Reducing Vitamins And Drugs

Having an abnormally high cholesterol level can put one at risk of developing heart disease. If you plan to live well over your age and years, then lowering your cholesterol levels at the earliest time possible will be able to help you achieve your goal.

There are certain medications available in the market today that aim to lower cholesterol levels. Statins are known to be the most effective cholesterol lowering agent to date and have become a great help to people requiring drastic reduction of their cholesterol levels.

There are also on the market cholesterol lowering drugs called bile acid sequestrants that work by binding itself with the bile produced by the human liver.

There are also vitamins that help lower cholesterol levels. Large amounts of this B vitamin can cause flushing of the skin due to dilating blood vessels as well as other side effects such as itching, rashes, headaches, nausea and muscle cramps.

Other vitamins and substances also credited in helping the body lower its cholesterol levels is Lecithin and vitamins both C and E. Lecithin works by allowing fats and cholesterol to be dispersed from the body and help prevent fatty buildup in the arteries. Vitamins both C and E have also shown and proven to help in trying to help prevent heart disease by protecting LDL cholesterol from damage. Although, while LDL cholesterol is also known as a.k.a the ‘bad’ cholesterol, to the highest degree cardiologists believe that exclusively damaged LDL contributes to the increasing risk of heart disease.