Is There A Best Way To Lose Weight Quickly Without Following A Diet?

I have been up and down with my weight for as long as I can remember.  Being over weight I wanted to find a rapid, but effective ways to drop the extra weight I carry. I had hoped to discover strategies to help me in the long-term of keeping my weight within a certain range. I also didn’t want these strategies to backfire on me like the others had in the past. Below is the information I found and it may help you too.

Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Cut out refined (processed) carbohydrates.  Add low carbohydrate fruits, vegetables and salads to your diet.  Eat more ‘fat burning’ foods. Try alternating the your foods you select so that you don’t eat the same foods day in and day out. Our bodies tend to  get used to a certain food routine. (Calorie shifting).  Stay away from junk food and fried foods. Eat at least five small balanced meals every day.  Leave food on your plate. Eat until you feel satisfied and not necessary until you are full. Eat more ‘fat burning’ foods.  Eat more lean meats and raw foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and salads to your diet.  Also, eat breakfast because that is what kick starts your metabolism after sleeping all night.

Exercise is always an important part of weight loss.  Starting a running plan is one option. Begin by running around the park 10 times or run on an exercise machine.  Engage in brisk walking (cardio) exercise.  Do weight training if you are able.  Proper weight training will add lean muscle mass to your body.  Muscle has the effect of a metabolic furnace. Lean muscle will burn calories 24 hours a day, after exercising and beyond. Try your best to stay away for candies and treats unless you truly know that you will work off the calories consumed.  Consistent exercise such as brisk walking (cardio exercise) for several miles daily will burn extra calories during and immediately after walks. Please note: Before changing your physical habits, make sure  to consult your physician.

Also, emotional baggage is often tied to being overweight. Once emotional issues are addressed, dealt with and out of the way, it will be easier to lose weight. Your body and life perspective will change gradually. The beautiful person you are inside with show outside. You will treat yourself and others better.  Being bore also causes you to eat much and gain weight. Leave your sedentary life and moving more! Start walking or  riding your bike when you can. Walk to places instead of driving. I realize it depends on what city you live in as to whether that is possible.